Module 4 - Authority Review Site Strategy

The authority review site strategy is one of the most solid earning methods available to internet marketers. It allows you to make passive income while you're building a true asset.

I just started using this method at the end of 2017' and I'm really glad that I did. The truth is, no matter what niche or online business model that you are implementing you can use this to double your profits. You need to have a website or some kind of 'home' online. Whether you are building out an affiliate site, marketing site, or a website for local leads, I would highly recommend you build 1 real, true, asset vs. 10 so-so properties. Your results will start to snowball, it will be easier to manage, and if you want you can turn around and flip the site down the road for some big profits. In this video below you'll see an extremely simple website that used this model to build-up, grow a website and then flip it for 500k.

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